• Identify the space you want to list and get it all spiffed up.

    This can be just a room in your house, your whole house, a camper/trailer, a casita, etc.

  • Create a listing on Airbnb

    Be sure to include lots of photos!  The Airbnb hosting interface allows you all sorts of options to make your Airbnb work for you.

  • See money added to your bank account each time you host.

    All Airbnb takes from your income is about 3%, which is a standard rate for processing credit cards online.

Full dislosure When someone signs up to host on Airbnb using the link above, I receive a $300 referral fee after they host their first guest.  Please do us a favor and help us finance our journey by using the referral button (Sign Me Up) above.  It won’t cost you anything and it will help us greatly. Thank you!

Here is Our Listing!

That 70s Tow