On Friday, November 9, we packed our new Casita Independence with what tent-camping gear we had in the garage and headed off on our maiden voyage.  We drove her to McKinney Falls State Park near Austin, TX.  We’ve had frequent visits to Austin over the last year because Don has a medical condition which could be helped only by physicians in there.  It was such a delight this time to turn what was normally an expensive diversion to our lives into a very affordable adventure.  After taking a morning walk through the park on Saturday, we headed off to three of Austin’s thrift stores, as well to a Super Target, and started to gather the things to turn our Casita into a Casita Bonita.

Since we got our Casita, many of our friends have wanted to see what the inside looked like.  I was hesitant to do a tour because, quite frankly, an empty travel trailer simply isn’t that interesting.  After unpacking our goodies, we started the challenging task of determining what went where.  In a 17′ trailer, every storage cabinet is precious, and without good and thoughtful consideration, living in one could be a dance in circles, moving one thing here to get to another thing there, to get to another thing, and another thing, and then back again in reverse.  After a bit of trial and error, we think we have a pretty good system set up.  We are just getting started in this process, so clearly, there is a LOT of work (and learning) to do, but we’re happy to finally give our friends a quick tour of our current setup and new home away from home.

Our new goal is to take it out camping as much as possible over the next two months – to learn it, fully stock it, and complete the interior design – so we are ready to start renting it out on Outdoorsy in January.  It’s going to be hard sharing our little baby with someone else.