All we wanted for Christmas was a clean and sparse garage and attic. After two weeks of hard work Santa delivered! Late yesterday, Christmas Eve, we finally cleared the yard and managed to set up a Christmas tree – even it if is on the porch (next to our Buddha statue), lights still strung from last year, and no ornaments. But hey, we did it and we think it’s quite pretty! Today began with a post on Craigslist offering all the goodies we no longer needed and offering them as presents to anyone in need or want. It’s been a joy to hear cars coming and going all morning. We’ve had times when there were no presents under the tree, so we understand how this simple giveaway can be a Christmas miracle to someone. Yes, our gifts are used, but very loved.

Both of our boys are home for Christmas, and this may be the last time together for many years. It’s special. Our Christmas stockings are in boxes, so we plan to pass around big bags of Skittles, Snickers, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and let everyone choose what s/he likes the most. A last-minute run to 7-Eleven this morning for scratch-offs will top off our imaginary stockings. The house smells of bacon, soon to be served with scrambled eggs and puffy jumbo biscuits from a tube. If the kids will have it, we’ll all cuddle together (ok, probably not physically, but emotionally) and enjoy our favorite Christmas movie – The Muppet Christmas Carol.

For us, Christmas isn’t about spending money, perfectly wrapped presents, or sparkling lights. Christmas is about love, relationships, and shared time. (And this year, a little improvisation). We wish you a most amazing Christmas Day and Holiday Season!