It’s Casita Day!


In the pre-morning darkness packing a phone camera, a lame dash camera, and a sense of humor, we drove to Rice, Texas to pick up our new travel trailer.

It’s Casita Day!2018-11-16T07:24:18-06:00

Our First RV Expo = Exhaustion


We played hookie from work to visit our first RV expo, hoping to learn what we like and want to live in an RV full time. It was EXHAUSTING!

Our First RV Expo = Exhaustion2018-11-16T07:24:50-06:00

You’re Going to Do What?


Gosh golly!  Here is our first post.  I thought it would be easiest to make a quick video about who we are and why we are going on this great adventure.

You’re Going to Do What?2018-11-16T07:26:30-06:00
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